Faith Not Logic

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Faith Not Logic

by Norma Holt
My Logic

My neighbour is a minister in a Christian church. We exchange niceties but, for obvious reasons, I have never ventured to get too close to him or his family.

On Sunday his wife started talking to me while I was gardening and informed me that her husband has been accepted into the army as a reserve Chaplain. She then told me he had previously served in one of the most violent arms of the service, the SAS. They are the branch that takes on terrorists and defence emergencies. It is hard, fast and murderous.

I was stunned when she then informed me that he had sensed a calling to the ministry at around 16 but had decided to enlist in the army first.

Now this is a very nice man and his wife is simply lovely both to look at and in herself. So what was disturbing me about this story?

Because I confront my problems head on I asked her why men who are ministers have, for the most part, been in the armed services. At least that is my experience. I know several such men. "Isn't that a conflict with their beliefs, at least a contradiction of what Christianity supposedly stands for?" I asked.

Her reply was even more problematic. "Well, there's plenty of wars in the bible." She announced.

"I don't know about that," I continued. "I am an archaeologist and there is no evidence
for most of what is stated in the Bible."

"You have to faith" she responded. "Faith and trust."

It left me cold. Does she really know what faith is, I wondered? Faith is accepting the illogical, ignoring the truth, turning your back on knowledge, and hoping you are right.

No, I don't have faith but I do have an awful lot of knowledge that has come from curiosity about why humans believe what they do and ignore the things before their eyes. I have wisdom from God to try all things and I have memory of reincarnation, which I dare not mention to my neighbour or his wife.

By not mentioning things like that it could be classed as dishonest but the Spirit will open the door one day and I will march right in. Until then I will keep my silence.